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Registered Business

Seal of Minnesota Registered Business
No #813407400022
Minnesota U.S.A

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Stargazer Estates are the best people in the world to work with! I had rented off of one that simply sent my meeroos back to me without warning. Stargazers welcomes breedables and anything wrong they are easy to get a hold of and very willing to help! 5 *****s to the Stargazer team !

- LaineyStickley

(Light Heaven)

Stargazer Estates is a great place to live. The managers of the Estates are great and keep you very informed on what is going on with the sim you live on. I would definitely recommend Stargazer Estates to anyone who is looking for a nice place to live.


- Hermione Lane
(Pymarid Island)

I was impressed with the overall sales staff and the promptness of the managers.
I am happy to call Stargazer Estates the home for my store and home and would recommend it to any of my friends most now moved from other estates.


- Keagan
(Ravens Ridge)


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Make your Secondlife Dream Home with StarGazer Estates LLC.


Satisfation Seal Satisfation SealOne of Secondlife's premier and competitive priced real estate realtor, Established in November 2011 by the Hearts as a hobby which quickly grew into what we are today. We're proud to offer quality land at affordable prices.

Stargazer Estates prides itself on its commitment, honesty and integrity, We are one of the fastest growing estates on the grid today, we aim to be one of the biggest and well known. We are not a here today gone tomorrow kind of estate, nor will be hide behind alt's, facebook or make false declarations on our site with claiming to own over 200 regions, what we claim we actually own, We are a registered legal business in the state of Minnesota U.S.A. and registered with our tax office.

We have a number of Full Prim Regions, Homesteads and Openspace Regions around the Secondlife Grid, With various sized lands to suit everyone's budget and style, from Residential Island plots with protected community water ways, to Commercial, Breedables and Club allowed regions. We also offer a selection of Mainland Parcels at a competitive rate where you do not need a premium account to rent or own land with us with fixed prices, we refuse to raise our prices on any current tenant. The price you see is the price you pay.

Weekly or Monthly payments in L$ or Paypal (any currency) if you prefer, just speak with a member of our staff about how to pay via paypal. We offer renaming and moving of our regions, even joining to another of our regions at Linden Labs charge rate.

Image #01

Selection of grass, beach or mixed ground properties around the grid to suit everyone.

Mainland Regions Full Prim Regions Homestead Regions Open Space Regions
Forbidden Pleasures
Forbidden Pleasures
Hearts Cove

About our Land :-

~ Stand Alone Full prim regions, Homesteads, Openspace or mainland parcels with full rights to your parcel
(or EO/EM rights if you take the complete region with a choice of our own designed raw terrains except Mainland)

~ Some of our "newer" purchased regions now have pre installed sim surrounds to match the style of region, Grass, Beach or Sand (from Yomite) these can be changed upon request or simply returned if you do not wish to keep them and add your own.

~ Relax with peace of mind from our fully trained staff and outstanding management team and support that actually cares about their tenants not just their wallets.

~ 24/7 real time monitoring of all Stargazer Estates regions, powered by our very own scanner.
(If any region is offline for more than 10 minutes our system automatically emails Linden Labs support, Developed by DamienThor).

Our land features :-

~ No Premium account is needed to rent / own with Stargazer Estates.

~ All our regions are updated at time of purchase to the latest servers available, and constantly updated throughout the year as newer servers as updates become available.

~ Stargazer Estates is a company that is quickly growing with the intentions of being one of the biggest companies in Second Life.

~ Quality out of world training for all staff is provided in efforts to guarantee that our dedicated team are able to assist tenants quickly and professionally without need of waiting for a manager or owner, on most problems that arise. Constant in world training to further staffs knowledge to provide even better customer service with tenants in order to provide a better place all can call home.

~ At Stargazer Estates we have extended concierge support through Linden Labs for quick turn around on problems outside of our control, i.e. server changes, tenants paid name changes for full regions, and land purchases. This concierge support allows for all cases to be responded to within a few hours or even immediately in cases of emergencies during normal operating hours.

~ Stargazer Estates holds a annual meet and greet for all tenants and guests every year with all profits going to the Relay for Life organization in Second Life.

Our main goal is to provide inexpensive land for all your needs, somewhere you can truly call home. When you purchase from Stargazer Estates, you get full rights over your land and peace of mind with our great management team.

Image #01

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